Our firm provides a variety of client services with a high level of expertise and professionalism:

This includes Audits, Review Engagements and Notice to Reader Engagements.

Personal and Corporate Tax Preparation for Individuals and Corporations. Besides the aforementioned, this includes tax minimization for our clients.

Besides running successful businesses, many of our clients want future plans for their business. We help our clients with their plans, and help them bring their wishes to fruition.

Often, our clients wish to acquire new businesses or real estate, but do not know what to look for in evaluating the opportunity. We help them by ensuring a high level of “due diligence” so that the most informed decisions can be made.

In some instances, we do the bookkeeping for our clients’ businesses.

In some instances, part of the tax planning involves the preparation of trust tax returns. In addition, we prepare testamentary trust tax returns.

This includes advice on the appropriate installation of software packages or hardware to best meet client goals.

On some occasions, clients have problems which they cannot solve. Using our expertise, we help them solve those problems on an efficient basis.

Bongard Dale Fried, LLP, Chartered Professional Accountants